Our concept

Do you want to make sure you never have cold feet ever again? Then stay put!

Socksonclick.com offers the most convenient way to make sure you always have a fresh pair of stockings in the closet (we all know how easy they get ripped).
And it’s SO easy to become a member.

All you have to do is decide, what type of membership is for you and you’re set.

We have three types of memberships available. All of them come with free shipping, 24/7 customer care and the same wide selection to choose from.

Exchange your credits for socks, pantyhose and stockings of the highest quality in our shop! Just go to My Membership and see our wide selection.

High quality products, with a quick and free delivery. Its brilliant for the basic everyday socks.
Louise Nielsen
Have tried it for a month now and im really happy about the socks. I will make another order this coming week.
Johan Berg